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What's The Big Idea?
"How To Find The Hidden Message in Your Business That Will Stop Your Prospect in Their Tracks and Position Your Business as New, Compelling, Unique, and Different So They Can Learn More About Your Business"
Before I show you how to find The Big Idea in your Business, let me tell you why your business needs a… 
Why a Big Idea?
One Thing For Sure...

It’s difficult to get people’s attention today. 

Because people are bombarded with thousands of marketing campaigns, marketing messages, advertisements, benefit statements, claims, and promises.
Online, television, radio, billboards, direct mail, email, magazines, flyers, you name it. 
Much of the marketing today is filled to the brim with hype. 

So typical marketing messages no longer make an impact and are dismissed or ignored. 

They roll off the back of prospects.
That’s why advistors resort to “screaming a louder promise” in your marketing, or making a bigger, bolder claim or using deeper discounts leaving businesses to compete on price and not the lowering the value of your product or service and our marketing efforts less effective.
Average marketers use the same types of claims over and over again. Your prospects have heard it. Your prospects seen it. 

It’s nothing new.
So today it takes a Big Marketing Idea to penetrate your prospects’ armor and get them excited about what you have to offer. Ordinary no longer cuts it. It takes something bigger, something bolder.
Consumers have responded to advertisements with bogus claims, exaggerated promises, and outright scams. So, today’s consumer are cynical when it comes to marketing.
Especially true online. Because anybody can put up a website today, the internet is the least trusted of all advertising mediums. It’s not nearly as trusted as newspaper or print or direct mail.

Especially true online. 

Because anybody can put up a website today, the internet is the least trusted of all advertising mediums. It’s not nearly as trusted as newspaper or print or direct mail.
So now that we understand why Big Idea Marketing is so important today, let me show you the ...

10 Elements Of A Big Marketing Idea

Every Big Marketing Idea meets ten criteria. 
Criteria #1: Presents One Promise 
At the root of every Big Marketing Idea is a bold, audacious, true and believable promise of transformation.
One promise. 

We call this the Primary Promise -- the one big overarching benefit the prospect stands to gain by engaging with your marketing. 

I'm not talking about the little benefits of your product. I'm talking about the big result... the big outcome... the big transformation your prospect stands to gain.
What are you promising them?
That's the main question on the mind of every prospect. 

They want to know how their life will be improved and changed for the better from your message.
If you can't, or don't, answer it... you don't have a marketing message. 

You just have a message.
Criteria #2: It's Specific To have a Big Marketing Idea, your Primary Promise must be concrete and specific. 

It must be tangible. Specific enough for your prospect to envision it in their mind's eye.
Vague generalities do not sell.
Specifics do. Vague promises are not believable. 

They're not compelling. 

They're not exciting. 

Specific promises and outcomes are. 

So, whatever you’re promising, you must be specific.

Criteria #3: Conveys One Story Every Big Marketing Idea is based on one Storyline.

It may be a story of discovery... information discovered in an old book... meeting a mentor... breaking news from some company... a scientific breakthrough... or something else.
Regardless, there must be only one storyline conveyed throughout your marketing campaign. Opened at the Big Marketing Idea… and carried thru til the end of the promotion.
Introducing multiple storylines in your marketing only serves to confuse your prospect. So keep it to one story. One plot.

Criteria #4: Leads To One Conclusion 

Every Big Marketing Idea clearly leads to one conclusion.
One thought you want the prospect to have.
One belief.
Don't try to get your prospect thinking about two or three different things with your idea. 

Just one. 

That's it.

And that one idea is almost always based around how and why they can experience the result they’re looking for.

Criteria #5: Taps One Emotion Every Big Marketing Idea Stimulates One primary Emotion 

It may be greed. 

It may be fear. 

It may be envy. 

It may be belonging. 

Or, some other emotion.
Throughout your marketing campaign you'll likely prod and stir a variety of different emotions.
But with your Big Marketing Idea you must focus on one primary emotion. What is the one emotion that your idea is leveraging, is prodding, is tapping into?
What’s the one feeling you want to stimulate in your prospect when they encounter your Big Marketing Idea?

Criteria #6: Must Be New & Unique

Every Big Marketing Idea is original, unique. 

It's different from what your prospects have seen before. 

It can't be something they've heard from your competitors. 

Or anywhere else for that matter.
And this is crucial. 

Your idea must feel new and fresh. 

Remember, familiarity in marketing breeds disinterest.
So, your idea can't be something your prospects are already familiar with. 

Your job, with your Big Marketing Idea, is to bring something new, unique, and different to your market. 

And, again, in this context I'm not talking about a new, unique, and different product. I'm talking about a new, unique, and different idea behind your marketing campaign.

Criteria #7: Must Feel Timely 

Every Big Marketing Idea feels timely.

It involves something happening right now... or something about to happen. 

So it's relevant. 

It's not about the past. It can't feel dated, old. It must be about the here and now. 
Criteria #8: Arresting 

Every Big Marketing Idea is bold, Captivating,  Arresting.
That means it needs to shock prospects out of their complacency. 

It needs to wake them up from the funk of everyday life.
It can't be a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill idea. That won't get anybody's attention.
Remember, your prospects are inundated with marketing.
To get their attention you need to whack them on the side of the head. A tap on the shoulder doesn't cut it.
So your Big Marketing Idea needs to be bold.

Criteria #9: Immediately Understandable 

To have a Big Marketing Idea, your idea must be immediately understandable.
It needs to have instant appeal. 

It can't be complicated, deep, or require lots of thought. If prospects have to read or watch your full marketing message to understand your idea, you've missed the mark.
Prospects must get your idea immediately. 

So your idea needs to be simple.
And it needs to be within their scope of reference. If you're talking to women, and you're trying to incorporate an idea about an automobile engine, unless you're talking to female mechanics it's not going to be within their scope of reference.
So, obviously, they won't get it.
 Remember: Immediately Understandable.
For many entrepreneurs and marketers this isn't always easy.
Many fall prey to the Curse of Knowledge -- a cognitive bias that occurs when we're predicting in other people what we believe they understand.
We typically overestimate what other folks understand based on our own level of knowledge. And, over time, this overestimation spills over in to our marketing. 

We use words, terms, and phrases which are far too sophisticated and advanced for the average prospect.
When developing your Big Marketing Ideas, you need to remove yourself from the equation.
And you need to put yourself in your prospects shoes. See the world through their eyes. Through their understanding and knowledge.

Through their level. You have to recognize, odds are you're an expert in whatever topic you're speaking about in your marketing. Your prospects are not.
You need to communicate in a way that resonates with their level of understanding, not your own level of understanding. 

There are concepts and ideas which you may think are elementary, basic, below your grasp of the topic. 

And they may be.
But that doesn't mean they're below your prospects level of knowledge and understanding. You need to avoid the Curse of Knowledge. 

You need to communicate ideas at your prospect's level.
Simple ideas.
Simplicity also encourages belief. The human brain is hardwired to trust simple things. The easier something is to explain, and the easier it is to understand, the more belief it generates.
On the flip side, complex, intricate ideas cause confusion.
And a confused mind doesn't remain engaged. And a prospect who doesn't remain engaged doesn't buy. 

So keep your ideas simple.
Put yourself in your prospect's shoes. And make sure your ideas are not beyond their level of understanding.

Criteria #10: The Rule Of One 

This final criteria could really be in a category of its own.
Not a mix of ideas. 

Not a bunch of ideas. 

One single idea.
Multiple ideas packed into one marketing message don't strengthen the message.
They weaken the message. 

Usually, a number of mediocre ideas are packed in to one campaign in an attempt to make up for a weak overall idea.
The thought -- if the idea isn't strong enough, let's add more ideas to it.
But this doesn't serve to strengthen the main idea. 

It weakens it.
You need to narrow your focus to one idea, one emotion, one promise, one story, and one thing that you want your prospects to think.
And the whole thing needs to be powered by one Primary Promise.
That's the Power Of One.
And those are the ten criteria for every Big Marketing Idea.

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